by Bennett Quillen

Bennett Quillen is the founder and president of the English Rehabilitation Institute (ERI). Its purpose is to stem and reverse the current negative trend in the misuse and abuse of the English language in business. Today’s business is fraught with the contagion of abusive English practices e.g. twisting verbs into nouns and producing meaningless, even potentially damaging, words. ERI rehabilitates its students to become confident, productive users of the English language, thus benefiting themselves, their associates and their employers.

Bennett possesses over 35 years of broad experience in delivering speeches, conducting seminars and writing proposals and reports for companies, colleges and universities, and not-for-profit institutions. . He held a variety of senior executive and program management roles in operations and information technology. His consulting activities include companies throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.

One of the keys to his success is the correct application and usage of the English language. His knowledge of the correct application of grammar and vocabulary has earned him the distinctive title of “Grammar Guru”. His success in business is directly dependent upon adopting correct terminology for the task at hand and avoiding sloppy, meaningless clichés.

To this end, Bennett Quillen founded the English Rehabilitation Institute (ERI), LLC. Today’s business is beset by the constant misuse, or downright corruption, of words. When meaningless or mealy mouthed terms are used, people misunderstand and fail to take effective action. The results are wasted time, misused staff, lost revenue and increased costs. If business is to be productive, it must adhere to the basic principles of English grammar and vocabulary. ERI students undergo a rigorous course of instruction that develops and expands their abilities to properly use the English language in all facets of business.

The course has four phases: identify misused and corrupted use of nouns, verbs, and adjectives; provide the tools on when and how to use correct terminology; educate in the correct and appropriate application of grammar; demonstrate how best to use and present terminology for positive results. Courses vary from four to six weeks, depending upon the intensity of course material required for the students.


As Chief Information Officer, Bennett directed all systems development, operations and network support for a leading mutual fund processing firm, based in New York City.

He directed information technology, operations, marketing and human resources for a large regional commercial bank and trust company, based in the mid west.

As a managing director for a consulting firm in Chicago, he directed several operations audits, systems conversions, and corporate planning projects for banks, thrifts and insurance companies, both overseas and in the States.

Bennett started his business career with a large California-based commercial bank in its controller’s department, managing financial systems and analysis.

Bennett Quillen has addressed a variety of industry groups e.g. Bank Administration Institute, Treasury Management Association, NACHA conferences, Credit and Lending Association and Washington University in St Louis. He has served on the Board of Directors of MAPEX, an item and electronic clearinghouse, in the mid west.

Bennett Quillen holds a BS degree in chemistry and mathematics from The Principia College and a MBA in industrial management and finance from the University of Southern California.

Contact Information

Telephone: 704.907.5235
Email: bquillen@qandans.net