Islam is Not a Religion

by Bennett Quillen

August 21, 2013

Charlotte Observer

Charlotte, North Carolina

Islam is Not a Religion

The problem facing the individual Arab, of any country, is that he/she remains mentally and emotionally in thrall to a medieval “religion” rife with out of date attitudes that most countries consigned to the dustbin years ago. Until Islam undergoes its own Reformation, the centuries old feuds and blood-letting will continue.

Very sad, but the leaders of the Arab world care as much for their own citizens as the rulers of black Africa care for theirs, despite decades of guilt fuelled “aid”.  To understand this, ask any knowledgeable Muslim the following questions. Is it permitted in an Islamic state to:


  • Allow a husband to beat up his wife? Answer: Yes. (Remind him of Surah 4:34, if his answer is No)
  • Allow a 40+ year old man to marry a girl under 12 years of age, after paying a bride price (Mahr)? Answer: Yes
  • Arrest and punish a born Muslim who leaves Islam? Answer: Yes
  • Ban and criminalize people who want to convert people from Islam to Christianity? Answer: Yes
  • Have a Muslim born girl marry a non-Muslim? Answer: No
  • Punish anyone who criticizes the prophet or Qur’an for blasphemy? Answer: Yes
    And so on.


Clearly, Islam is not really a religion; it is simply a doctrine of enslavement.  It is incomprehensible how any intelligent, rationale person, especially a woman, can willingly subscribe to such an egregiously repressive doctrine.