September’s Child


Blossomed forth a Complete Expression

Amid hues of autumnal splendor:

September’s Child.



                                    Textured with Dogwood’s invitation

                                         To shape a white wreath o’er:

                                                       Missouri’s child.



                                    Tinged as Eden’s sunset –

                                         Beauty resplendent:

September’s Child.



                                     Burst forth from

                                           Dew frost melting

                                                      Under the fingertips

                                           Of summer’s lingering grasp:

                                                      September’s Child.



                                     Expressing the Bluebird’s paean

                                           That ricochets





                                                       Missouri’s Child.



                                     Imbued with creative, magical

                                           moon …..

                                               dust ….

                                           ‘Neath evening’s cool bowers:

                                                       September’s Child.



                                     Throughout Eternity —

                                           Her own identity:          

                                                       September’s Child.


Bennett Quillen © 1996