Bennett Quillen: South Carolina Bank and Trust

by Bennett Quillen

Bennett Quillen is a business professional whose career in the world of finance spans more than 45 years. He worked as a project manager in 2009 for South Carolina (SC) Bank, overseeing a conversion that involved infrastructure and telecommunications, among other core systems.

The South Carolina Band and Trust (SCBT) was originally known as South Carolina Bank, and was founded in 1933. Because it was established in the throes of the Great Depression, its practices emphasize stability and core values. The bank’s name was changed in 2002. It currently employs more than 1,100 people and provides its clients with modern approaches to banking, including online and mobile services. Though the bank began with assets primarily connected to an agricultural economy, it has grown to embrace a more diversified, industry-based economy. SCBT supports its local community with regular events, such as Customer Appreciation Day and Shred Day. As its name implies, on Shred Day, customers are invited to shred unwanted documents, in the interest of avoiding identity theft.