Angels have 4 paws by Bennett Quillen

It is a fact that angels do not come in some ethereal form with wings.  Rather, they arrive in a very tangible form with four paws.


About seven months ago, we inherited a dog.  Yes, in human terms he is a dog, but that is simply his earthly apparel, for how else could we recognize him? 


The vet tells us he is part Cavailer Spaniel and part Poodle and is about 3 ½ years of age.  He now weighs around 26 lbs.  But, he came to us at about 19 lbs.


He was lost on the streets of Belmont, NC.  But, he instinctively approached our daughter, pulling along a bedraggled leash.  He was matted and covered with fleas.  So, she immediately gathered him in and washed him (several times) to get some semblance of what he was.  (Of course, she checked on his ownership, but no one had any interest.) The three of them – daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live in a leased home, which does not permit pets.   So, what to do?  Naturally, her parents (us) came to mind and thus we inherited an angel (aka dog).


Ginger and I have had several dogs over the years, so we do enjoy their company and understand them.  We decided to name this one: Kit.  It just seems to suit him.  In course, we had to take him to the vet for several things, but that is all in the past.  I have enclosed a photo of him taken a couple of months ago.


What we now have is a bona fide angel: lovable, loving, obedient, loyal, intelligent and brave.  Sounds like a Boy Scout, doesn’t he?  All we need to do is add the characteristics: “clean and reverent”.


We have daily runs on the Davidson College campus and walks about the village.


So, if any of you are seeking an angel, just look for one with paws.




Kit with one of his two jerseys