My Best Friend

Well, let’s see…

A bit over two years October last:

Our meeting – somewhat abstract at first,

Still with an undercurrent of mutual understanding.

An invitation offered to him to visit

And accepted, gratefully.

Followed with long walks and confidences shared –

Quickly cemented a bond of deep affection.

Albeit, limited in his ability to express himself linguistically,

But, his prescient sense – undeniably –

Anticipating my every thought or action.

He communicates his feelings with:

“Tails up” for adventure and fun,

Whether a “walk about” or in the “Kit Buggy”,

We are one.

For, as we both know: if necessary,

Would sacrifice self for the other.

After a long day, he rests his head

(and 29 pounds)

At the foot of our bed,

For as I have oft said:

Angels don’t come with wings, instead:

They come with four paws.

Bennett Quillen © 2015