Before I go

Taking stock Before I Go –

From this experience,

Now more than threescore and thirteen years,

About midway between my dad: sixty-seven,

And, mom: eighty years.


Time to reflect, to weigh my contributions

As a husband, father, Christian Scientist in this experience,

Before I Go.


Admittedly a fool for most of my life, I know,

But in the past few years, no gainsay:

I don’t think or do today

What I thought or did some years ago.


Received a blessed upbringing – this experience,

So, must have achieved some measure of success – previous experience?

How will the balance scales of judgement weigh my contribution this time:

Before I Go?


Oftimes a prodigal son – but, my Father-Mother God

Took me back again and again,

Knowing – I would once again begin

To tread up the winding, guided pathway

Underneath the Shepherd’s rod.


What must the posthumous record gavel?

A good, hardworking businessman –

There should be no cavil,

But, other traits, what the outcome will be:

As a husband, father and friend for —

My beloved wife: was I compassionate, loving, supportive, patient throughout our “divine adventure” of life?

Our wonderful children: was I a guide and proper role for Bennett B and Mary Jane?


Time and results will pass judgement on me,

After I Go.


But, most of all, my greatest desire: to be remembered

Faithful to Mrs. Eddy’s discovery,

After I Go.


Still working on “vanity and vexation of spirit”

To but touch the “hem of Truth’s garment” –

Before I Go.


What beckons in the next experience?

Meeting those I love: mom, dad, Mary Weaver;

Hopefully, our dear Leader,

And of course later – my beloved Ginger,

Assuming I fulfilled, at least in part, my job here and now.


So, with my hand to the plow

To work, watch and pray

Before I Go.




Bennett B Quillen